Nav 2.01B ! Expand Database - Restore

The company upgraded to Navision 2013. However the accountants need access to legacy Nav 2.01B to pull up old records.
That group wants a stand alone computer with the old Nav 2.01b installed.
That is the challenge. Since 1999 we have never had to reinstall Nav 2.01B, having never had to restore from backup. A very reliable Navision.
I have the original install disk and all the original manuals. I first installed the client. I then installed the server. I imported the fin.flf. I then created a database so that I could create a Super account. This I did several times on Server 2003 standard. A stand alone machine dedicated to the legacy Navision.
I would install the client, the server - and uninstall. Several times to see how Navision would behave.
will attempt to describe what steps I took.
I was able to restore up to 6% . Be it in Database Expand; be it in Database Expand- Advance I cannot increase the database. If I add 100000 or 10000 the message is: “You cannot use such large databases with this program.”
The license file says “Database Expansion per 1GB” and ‘Maximum Dtabase Size 1,050’
In Database Expand Advance if I insert 1050 I get ‘internal error’ otherwise I get the size is too large.
Thus I am completely stuck with "“You cannot use such large databases with this program.”
What ever I do to expand database or advanced expand database I am unable to successfully expand.
Let me know where I am failing. If I could attached the PDF with the screen shots that would assist in making clear what I am attempting to communicate.


IN your expand database (advanced) picture you are adding size but not filling in the file name.

just to get it going try to see if get any results.

c:\database\database1.fdb 1992000
c:\database\database2.fdb 1992000
c:\database\database3.fdb 1992000


looks like the message is about each database being over 2gb - looks like a limit there

PS if you have the original disk there must be server/database setup instructions on it.