Native database restrictions

Hi developers,

I would like to know a few information about NAV native database:

  • maximum effective/concurrent users
  • exists DB size limit?
  • what functionality would I get using SQL instead of native database? (and what king of SQL should I install?)

I’m always talking about NAV 5. I know this could be an enormeous question and I would like either answers or links to search info.
Thanks so much :wink:

This whitepaper could be helpful as it has hardware recommendations for different numbers of concurrent users + more:

Here read this in my blog.

David post in his blog make a good comparison. I would only like to remark that native database was an excellent database. I said in past because I have the feeling that in version 5.X it will be last version of native database. So I it’s a risk to start a new implementation in native. Soon or later it has to be upgrade to SQL Server .
The only new implementation that I have seen in native is to reduce SQL license fees. Nothing more.

If you want to use the new client in NAV2009, you must be on SQL Server. Native will only be supported for the classic client.