Native Backup fails on Dataports

Hi, I have a development database, it is a native database V4 SP1. I am using client only connection to perform a full database backup. The strange thing is that the process hangs when it gets to dataports. Initially it was hanging when it got to one of my own dataports, so I removed all of them from the database. Now it fails when it gets to Dataport 5902. I have done a test database for what its worth, but I suspect the object table is correupted as opposed to tabledata. Anyone had similar problem? I am starting to question the stability of SP1, since I have had a few strange occurences of late!!! Jon.

I remember that I some years ago had a similar problem. It figured out that that specific object was actually from an older Navision version. Have you tried just to use object designer to export the objects, and then delete all of them?

Hi Erik, Just noticed that I had missed removing one of my own dataports (filters - rookie error)… So, tried to create a fob and a text file from all dataports and both processes fail! These objects are a combination of some created at 3.70 and some at 4 and one at 4.00.01. Finally tried exporting one at a time and found one offending dataport. This dataport was created recently by a colleague on a different p.c., but definately either version V4 or V4SP1, so I would not expect version incompatabilty under any circumstances. (And I am sure you would agree this should not be case anyway!!!) Will delete the thing and see if I can get a version of it from another dev db. This is not a Standard dataport by the way, but the back up obviously dsiplays the last object it processed rather than the one it fails on whixh is hwy tha last time it failed it was indicating that it was processing the highest numbered standard dataport. Cheers, Jon

Hey, what happend back then to me was that I had imported a newer version of an object into an older version of Navision. Somehow that didn’t work! If you cannot delete it, then try to overwrite by importing it from another database where it works.

Deleted it no problem and now back up succeeds. So to re-iterate for future victims of problem… If exporting objects causes app to hang (or backup itsself), run a native full database backup. When program hangs, the back up progress form will be displaying the object immediately BEFORE the problem object. Delet object and you are sorted. …now i just gotta find a version of it somewhere else!

I’m happy you found a solution!