Could someone explain me wat an Navision Application Server(Service) is ? I read a lot about it but don’t know exactly what it is. Thank you.

It’s an Navisionclient without an Graphical User Interface. It is used (mainly) for processing data without any Userinteraction, and it has some termination and restart-features in case of error’s.

… and it runs as a service + writes into the application-eventlog

What is Navision Application Server? Microsoft Navision Attain Application Server is a middle-tier server that runs as a service. It is designed to provide access from external clients to the Microsoft Navision Attain database. It can do this because it runs key components of the business logic of Microsoft Navision Attain, so it is able to initiate processes to produce refined results, similar to if one were requesting information from an Attain client. For example, Navision Attain Application Server provides connectivity between a Web client (such as Commerce Portal) and the Attain database; between an external application (such as Microsoft Navision Axapta) or another Windows client (such as Commerce Gateway) and the database; and between third-party devices (such as Automatic Data Capture System) and Attain. The application server can also serve the Attain client itself, with automated posting and printing. How does Navision Attain Application Server work? One scenario of Navision Attain Application Server is that it is a server that runs as a system service. In this scenario, the application server is a program running in the background. It can be installed as a service that registers permanently in the system, or it can be installed on the fly from the command prompt. Reasons to run it from the command prompt include testing purposes, running multiple application servers in a single computer without installing them as a permanent service, or other temporary purposes. The application server can also access and retrieve data from the database similar to the Attain client, through: • All system functions • Automation controller • All codeunits • All reports When the client is accessing the database via Automation controller, for example, it is almost always the user who initiates the action, whereas with the application server, the task is automated through a schedule or some kind of event. Also take a look at: Regards, Bruno

This will make you think: WOW! But I prefer the following definition: “Navision Application Server is a non-graphical database client which can connect to a specified company and pass a text parameter to function 99 in codeunit 1.” Actually, I just made that up myself… [;)] But that’s NAS in a nutshell, no more, no less. NAS alone is rather useless, but it opens the door for an unlimited number of applications. These applications really are what finally makes NAS so interesting. I would also recomend reading this:

Thanks a lot for al the answers… They are a big help to me! Greetingz Tom