NAS is not printing Reports in NAV 2009

Hi everyone,

I have created a codeunit in NAV 2009 finsql to print the Packing list report through job queue

when I manually run that codeunit it runs without any issues and prints the report in printer which I selected in Printer selection.

But when I run it through NAS, the job queue status gets stuck in “In Process”. if i restart the NAS service the process gets completed and the report gets printed. When I again start the service it again gets stuck in “In process” status.

The NAS service account also selected in printed selection but still facing same issue. Any help would be highly appreciable.




Hi Mathan,

Could it be a permission problem? The codeunit runs with the permissions of the NAS user.

Hi Erik,

Thanks for your response, I checked it. Its not because of permission problem.