NAS Error: MMC cannot open the selected file


I have installed the NAS in my system but when i try to run it i have this error message

MMC cannot open the selected file.

when i try to start the service following error message comes

could not start service on local computer ERROR1

Please help me out & suggest the method to install & run NAS.



Are you sure the NAS is setup correctly? All the Parameters etc…

You can install it from the DOS prompt like a native Navision server.

The other thing to check is the Log On used by the service, make sure it has enough permissions to start.

Dear Tony

I am not the Administartor of the system will it effect on NAS .40 sp2.

even when i try to run the Service it gives Error

could not service on Local Computer Error 1 Incorrect Function.

Neither i am able to uninstall the NAS from the system there is some error that it was not installed properly.

what shoold i do.

Please help.



Don’t you need admin rights to install a service? I would ask for admin rights, or, if you don’t get it, for the admin to do the work.



Not only do you need admin rights to install the service properly. The NAS service must be associated with an administrator account in order to function properly.

NAS also logs into navision using windows authentication so you need to setup a windows login with the necassary rights linked to an active user account, this active user account should also be the one that starts the NAS service (configured on the service properties page).

I either use the admin account or create a new user with admin priviledges.

I’m sure thats what I said further up. LOL!

It sounds like you might need to take it out and put it back in again.

What verson are you running SQL or Native?

To install from the command line, you must first move to the directory that the NAS is installed in, so if my NAS was in a folder called NAS, which was in a folder called Navision on the C:\ drive I would open command promt and type

Sorry if that seems like I’m teaching you to suck eggs, but experieance says I need to cover all bases.

Next you need the following information

What you want to call the application server (in the services) we will call this = MyAppServerName e.g AshishNAS

The name of the server you are connecting too = MyServerName e.g. AshishSQLServer

The name of the Database you are going to use (mainly in SQL) = MyDatabaseName e.g. AshishNavisionDatabase

The company you wish to use within that database = MyCompanyName e.g. AshishNavisionCompany

Lastly you need to know the startup parameter in Codeunit 1. (examples of standard ones are CG, MAILLOG, ADCS) = MyStartUpParameter e.g. EDI

Then we go back to the command line and type:-

Database is an optional parameter as it is mainly used with sql and in the above example i used the Sql version. for Native you would replace “NASSQL” with “NAS”

Hope that helps, any questions let me know.

I go to control panel

administration tools - Service

there is a service named Application Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic LOCAL-SQL

while i click the start button manually… it shows error message Error 1 : Incorrect function

how to fix that?

Change the license in Server Database and try…

and also check the paramenters in Application Server

This is not correct. The NAS does not need an administrator account. it just needs the rights to accomplish its assigned task. Mainly the right to login as a service plus appropriate access to NAV.