NAS Crashing

I have a problem with Dr. Watson when starting NAS. All parameters is correct and it doesn’t matter if I run as a service or from a command prompt. I only get the first lines with Navisions company name and then Dr. Watsen leaves a message in the event log. It’s 3.60 on w2k with SQL2000 SP3 Any ideas? /Lars

Solved! Two problems: The single instance codeunit I was calling was declared as a global. That didn’t work for some strange reason. After moving the variables I used in codeunit 1 to locals I started to get resonable error messages instead of just a crasch. Second I was running as a user which was SUPER in the current company. After modifying the roles on the user so he (or maybe it’s a she?) had SUPER in all companies it worked. /Lars

Lars. The following question & answer was posted to the Navision Partner Network FAQ site. It might explain the issue you were having with declaring the single instance codeunit variable… “Subject: Variables Assigned to a Single Instance Codeunit Must Be Declared as “Local Variables.” Question: Must I always declare variables assigned to a single-instance codeunit as ‘local variables’ ? — Answer: Yes. If a variable is declared as a global variable, some triggers may call the CLEARALL function, which clears all global variables. This will clear the variable even if it points to a single-instance codeunit.” Chris.