Naot Able to Validating The Journal

HI All,

I am not able to validate the journal it is giving the below warning even though I have filled the Invoice number.

Please suggest.

I can see multiple lines in the journal, what does the others do? Don’t you need an invoice number for them?

Thanks Kranthi,

The below are the all journal lines.

If I give invoice number for all lines It is giving another warning.

Please suggest.

The invoice number need be given to line with account type vendor in multi line voucher.

Why you are doing a credit and debit to the same vendor in last two journal lines?

HI Kranthi,

After giving invoice for remaining two lines it is giving below warning.

For the last two vendor lines posting profiles are different.

Please suggest.

You cannot have same voucher for two or more vendor lines, even if the account is same.

What are you really trying to achieve with those two lines?

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for giving reply… the below issue got resolved…

These kind if journals only we can validate in general ledger.

So I have created same in GL. It worked