Named Pipe blocking Session

Hello all, I’m having a serious problem with the Named Pipe Bus Adapter inside Navision: When exactly following the procedures in the example in the devguide.chm included in the SDK, Navision just stops when calling the OutMsg.GetStream method. I found out that it works as long as I connect two different Navision sessions (same or different machines) using named pipes. But Navision seems to crash when trying the same on one Navision session. Some more information on this: We are using inter-process communication inside Navision to communicate between different forms (i.e. 2 subforms in one main form) and furthermore to integrate external devices into several Navision forms. This inter process communication works when using the SocketBusAdapter and connectiong at localhost, but does not work with the NamedPipeBusAdapter. As we do not know the number of connections we have to establish in a session, it is not a good way to use the TCP sockets (especially when running a Firewall). I have enclosed the objects as a FOB to make reproducing easier.
Attachment: NamedPipeTest.fob ( 8378bytes ) any ideas ?

I have applied a small change to the objects and uploaded them again. Now one can decide to send using TCP Socket on Port 5500 or via Named Pipe. Socket works, Named Pipe does not.
Attachment: NamedPipe-SocketTest.fob ( 9206bytes )