Name & Search Name Functionality..

HI All

I created the New Form . In my new form i have 2 fields like DocName & Description… Suppose if i write the DocName As TestDocument… the same In formation should be fill in the Description field also…

The functionality is like the Name & Search name in the Empl Tbl… Can any one help me hoe to write the code and where to write the code, in my Form…

Below is my screen shot…

You can override the modifiedField() at table level.

Look into Tables\InventTable\Methods\modifiedField.

case fieldnum(InventTable, ItemName):

this.NameAlias = ‘’;



The above code does the job. The setNameAlias() method updates the search name with item name.

HI Kranthi

Thaks for the Reply… I have completed my functionality it is working fine.