Name Change Cancelled!

Even though most of the members here, who have participated in the most recent poll, have approved the name change from Navision Online User Group to Navisiondamgaard Online User Group, then I have decide to cancel this poll as well as the change. This is seen in the ligth of the most recent news release from NavisionDamgaard. Look here: NavisionDamgaard a/s is now Navision a/s!! So we will continue to be Navision Online User Group. The present Damgaard product lines Damgaard Axapta, Damgaard XAL and Damgaard C5/C4 will be continued as Navision Axapta, Navision XAL and Navision C5/C4. Thanks to Lars Strøm of Columbus to point out this change. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group