N-1090 jOB Error

Hi all,

I can execute job as well. There is no problem to execute but when i tried to open retail pos, it is giving error. And shut down. I think there is a problem at datas. So how can i configure for and transfer to retail pos? Thanks

Hi Bee,

What is the error message you are getting?

Apart from N 1090, which all jobs have you run?

i will suggest you to check the configuration file (POS.exe) and make sure the dataareaid, storeid, and terminal id are correct.

hi, thanks for your answer.

I did not run any job before n-1090. I have no idea which jobs should run before n-1090.

After i ran the job, at the retail pos machine, ı tried to open the retail pos but i fails. It gave me error number 1 and 2, “The application can not be start bla bla…”

I want to test printer at retail pos machine so i should configure the keyboard for login user. How can i prepare and transfer? I hane no technical references so i need your help. Thanks!

At this moment, run all the N Jobs to the POS machine and make sure that all the data are getting updated in POS database.

After the data hasbeen updated, run the POS client again.

And for testing printer, make sure that you have updated POS hardwareprofile and POSIS FORMLAYOUT with printer details.

how can i make sure about successfull update? Should i check all tables? Is there another way?

At the time of Retail Store Connect Installation, the installer asks about the database name where the records will be kept about the jobs.

Anyway, at this time, i will suggest you to atleast jobs mentioned here N-1000, N-1040, N-1060, N-1070, N-1080, N-1090.

As i said, you can check at the POS db also if the data are getting updated or not.

Thanks reply again. I tried to run jobs as you said.

I checked the database and figured out that all datas transfered without any error.

I also ran jobs which you said, but when i ran n-1090, It gave errors again. So what now?

How can I run n-1090 without error and configure keyboard layout?