My trial Balance is Out of Balance !?


I am having a problem, my trial balance is out of balance!, there are no filters, i checked in the Chart of accounts, filtered only posting accounts, copied and pasted to excel, and the balance still shows. Is there a report or a function to find and fix already in navision? if not how can i make one to find the problem? and does anyone know why this happened and if it can be prevented?


If you really have all accounts included and no filters (even no flow filters) applied, there is normally no chance that you get out of balance as this is one of the major advantages of a transaction oriented system as Navision is.

Navision would not allow entries to be posted which do not balance and as every single transaction is balancing, the total is balancing as well.

But there are a few options which might bring the system out of balance:

The most common reason is that somebody just deleted records from the G/L Entry table. This is in general not possible for an end user with a customer license. This can be done with a developers license only.
This can be checked by reading through all G/L Entries and searching for any gaps in the Entry No.

On the other hand, a customization from an unexperienced programmer could also cause these inconsistencies.

I would definitely suggest that you try to find out at what day you are out of balance for the first time.

The easiest way to find this out is that you create a new Account after the last account you have in your account schedule and call it “Total Balance”, set the Account Type to “Total” and enter “0…9999999” in the Totaling column. (All your accounts must be included in the filter you are entering here, no matter what types of accounts they are).

Then check the Balance of that account. It must be Zero !!!

If it is not zero you select “G/L Account Balance” from the “Balance” button on the Chart of Accounts.
In here you can (by switching the period with the button on the left bottom edge of the window) see what the balance is for every single day, week, month, quarter and year.

ok i found the problem, there is a missing entry ! i have no idea how this happened, my developer license doesnt give me access to modify this table, and i never access the tables from SQL, but i did upgrade from SQL 2000 to 2005, maybe the problem happened then?

thanks Thomas for your advice

Even during upgrade shouldn’t append that. I normally before each upgrade I make a copy of database. If you have the previous database can you confirm the already there is a missing entry?

You can identify the very day the missing entry was created by checking the register.

As soon as you have that original creation date of the entry you need to find a backup which was made after that date but before the entry was deleted.

Then you need somebody with a license and sufficient access to the table to create the record manually in there.

When you identify the entry before and after the missing one and check the “Transaction No.” of the entries, then set a filter for these “Transaction Numbers” (you might have two different ones, depending if the missing entry is the first or last or an entry in the middle)

Then sum up these entries with the same Transaction No., you should detect exactly your missing amount for the total balance. If not, there might be another entry missing.

thanks for the advice.