my module is not seen in UI of AX 2012

Hi all,

I have created a new module but it is not showing on the UI of the ax 2012.

Menu I have reference it.But is is not showing on the UI?

How can I correct the mistake?

I have created a configuration key? after that ? I have created in menu ? a new module…

Next I have created few folder inside that? standard folders ? without drag and droping??

and now I have reference the menu to a MAIN menu?

Now it is not showing after Restarting the AOS. Where is the mistake? or what I can do to make the module appear on the UI in AX 2012.

Please do the need as soon as possible.

Do you have some menu items in your menu? If not, there is nothing to show.

Hi Martin,

Thanks martin. First there was NO MENU ITEM . Later on, I tried by add a menu Item to Menu. It was showing on the UI.

Martin , when I need to make Set Company to Yes.Please guide me. Its on AX 2012 R2.