MVP Status renewed


Just now got an email informing that my MVP Status is renewed, so here starts the 2nd year.


Good for you. Congratulations.

Congratulations Dhan.

I am also renewed, but I have moved to the dark side, I am an AX MVP now [:D]

Congrats Adam and thanks others.

Congrats, Dhan,

when I’m grown up I will become one as well [:)]

Seems like your over due [Y]

My best wishes and congrats to all fellow MVP’s! I also “renewed” [:D]

Congratulations to everyone that received an award for 2011. They gave me one too, number 7 in a row [:D]

They fell for your scheme :wink:

Seriously though, that’s awesome. By the way, I still think you’re a NAV MVP too.

Congrats Jorg and Daniel

No scheme really, just wanted it to be relevant. I am now stopping answering NAV posts, I am just not sure anymore, never seen 2009 and no longer have access to the software. 4 years away from NAV is a long time!!

I was just kidding, your award is well deserved [Y]

Daniel - I knew you were kidding, it will take a lot to offend me, but feel free to try if you are in a fiesty mood [:D]

Congrats to all and all well deserved [B]

Same here [:D] Congratulations to all who were renewed (or renewed in another product) [Y]

Once again renewed, so here starts the 3rd year.

Once again renewed, so here starts the 3rd year.

Keep it rolling. [Y]

Well done Dhan. Mine renewed today as well. [:D]

Congrats all of you… I have one question for all of you(pls dont mind). I know it is early to put this question but eager to know…the question is, how to become MVP?

Just curious to know. So that it can be targetted by all your fellow consultants [:D]