Multiple vendor item descriptions for the same vendor!

Hi! Is it possible to have multiple vendor numbers from the same vendor for same item?

Reason being our suppliers change their numbers often and in our current system we save them all. This allows a better traceability.

Do you mean the external item descriptions? (you title says that, but the description looks different)

Since we don’t have the system yet, I am not sure. I have used AX 2009 though and there you have Item → Setup → ‘Vendor Item Description’ and ‘External items’.

They are a separate thing. But I am not sure if those are “combined” in 2012. But I am looking for the same feature as ‘Vendor Item Description’ used to be in 2009. And I would like to add multiple number/descriptions per vendor.

You have a similar function in AX2012. You are limited however to one AX item per vendor relating to an external item number. This is by design. Is meant for external item resolution to AX part number for such things as electronic messaging item resolution. I’ve known of people removing the index to allow multiple parts per vendor. This is fine on the incoming message, but you will need to store the external item for transactions related to your outgoing message.

If your goal is to just identify a cross reference 2012 has a related item section available off the released item screen. This is not tied to any specific functionality that I’m aware of.

Vendor Item Description in AX 2009 is as External Item Descriptions in AX 2012. You cannot have multi external items for same vendor (for an item) in both versions.

Thanks for your inputs. Will have to figure out something else then.

Related item would be fine but we do not want to create new items for this purpose.

I agree, based on what you were trying to do it was a bad idea. Consider changing the index or create a separate table to houses cross-referencing information. If you do change the index, you could defeat other logic but that is primarily focused around electronic messaging.