Multiple Vendor Acceptance in Request for Quote

i am Sending Request for Quote to Multiple Vendor, While Comparing I Decided that i want to Give Order to Two Vendor on Partial Qty , Say, I have Purchase Requisition for 10 item while comparing R F Q, i want to Select two Vendor’s Quote and give them 5 Qty and 5 Qty Order.

Question is, How can i Select Multiple Vendor in RFQ ?

Question - 2,

While Making R F Q , How can i Send Quote to Vendor who is not in My Vendor Master, having said that i Building Business Relation From R F Q, and This Vendor is just New For the Company so i will not Add him into Vendor Master unless the Deal is Finalize With him

How to do Above Process.

It is Very Urgent


For your first question

Go to Vendor Tab of RFQ Form. and select all the vendors you want to send Request.

Then fill Reply form when those vendors reply.

Then prepare comparative statement by Compare

Then accept/Reject all the quotations in the same form with appropriate quantity.

For your second question

U r correct in your view. But I believe here you need to adopt some trick. You need to create a vendor as one time vendor while going for RFQ. and lateron when you accept him as your vendor then unselect that option ‘One time Vendor’ and he will be your Permanent vendor. So, wherever this one time vendor will be selected it means they have not been selected as your vendor till date.

I would suggest you contact Microsoft for anything “very urgent” - people on here give time and information freely, saying it is very urgent is in my opinion disrespectful.


I didn’t Mean the Way You are take it in. I Simply Respect all of the People who are giving their time from their busy Schedule to help people in Need.

I Put Urgent with Respect if some can help fast, that was the only concern not to disrespect the group.

Hia Raju,

Thanks for the Rqply so Promptly, With Respect fo First Question, while doing P R From Work flow, You have only one line to approve with Qty which was ask in the Purchase Requisition.

LIke , A has Pur Requisition for 10 Qty, now B sends R F Q to multiple vendor and Select Two for 5 Qty and 5 Qty , now while B Complete the Flow, he has only one line on Flow to complete Befor it Goes to Final Approver, and Also Final Approver has only one Line to Approve Where Qty will Equals to 10. not 5 and 5 for Diffrent Vendor.

I hope, You understand the Scenario.

Hello Nirav,

i was looking to make the same manipulation as your question1, can you tell me please how to make it work

Best regards