Multiple Variants and Stock keeping Unit

We are implementing NAV for a manufacturing company that produces different type of blankets and shawls. Each manufactured item has its own set of weave and color. The weave and color should be tracked at the time of production, sales and sales return.

What would be the best option to maintain inventory for such scenarios?

An item in NAV can have one type of variant and lets say if I want to store weave and color saperately, how is it possible within the standard functionality?

If I remember right, variants don’t work well with Manufacturing. Perhaps someone else can confirm, but I think your best bet would be to use different item numbers.

Can anyone please share your experience if you had come across with the similar requirement? I would highly appreciate if you can suggest some workaround to manage multi-dimension variant in NAV 2009.

I agree with Matt. Variants were never implemented as a part of manufacturing, and will lead to problems.

Hi Matt,

At one of our client, we had implemented the Variant method the reason is that, they manufacture goods based on the customer requirement and under one item, there are various types. Now we are facing the problem of slow posting of invoices. My primary observation is this is due to no. of variants. Any solution for the same.