multiple user login sessions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

This problem described about the multiple user login sessions in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013.

The problems happens at our two Dynamics NAV 2013 implementation sites. The Dynamics NAV 2013 creating Multiple Active Sessions for a single user log in. This problem happens regularly to all users irrespective user rights and user type. In which when a particular user logs in, at the Dynamics NAV 2013 server side it creates multiple active sessions automatically. At one point of time, all these active sessions added and exceeds the number of user limits in the License. Though there is a room for the more concurrent user logins allowed as per the License, system prevents and other users to log in.

We have configured with minimum session logout time.

The active multiple sessions are cleared when the NAV server is restarted.

If any of you encounter this problem at Dynamics NAV 2013 implementation sites, please provide your possible step to prevent this.

this sounds like a faulted nav installation. to get rid of that, best way is to complete reinstall NAV. it’s not a big thing, if there is no problem with the database.

so to analyse, add/import a new demo database (cronus) into the sql server (db backup restore).
then test with the cronus db. if the problem stays, reinstall nav completely.

if there is no problem with the cronus db, the problem is in your company database. either the reason is a buggy customization or there is a bigger problem with the database.

maybe that helps: