Multiple Special Orders onto One Purchase Order

Hi, I’m working with BC365 and have been asked to set up the system to have multiple special orders, from different customers, go onto a single Purchase Order per supplier - the reason being that almost all of our suppliers have minimum order qty. for shipping charges.

So we’d have

Three customers A, B & C all ordering Item 222555 which we don’t carry so are flagged as Special Order lines on the Sales Order.

Using the requisition worksheet they all appear, we carry out the action message but then it creates 3 separate Purchase Orders, even though the delivery address on each is our warehouse. Given they’ll all coming to our warehouse first we want them on a single purchase order.

I’m sure it used to be possible in NAV (many versions ago) but maybe that was old ancient code/ customisation? Hoping someone can give me a simple pointer [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]


You shouldn´t use Special Order for this. That is meant to be used when you want a reservation between the Sales Order and the Purchase Order. In your scenario, you can set Reordering Policy to Order on the Item Card if you want one Purchase Order with three lines, or Lot-by-Lot if you want one Purchase Order with one line. And if the supplier has a minimum order qty and you want to order that regardless if the demand reach it or not, than set the Minimum Order Quantity on the Item Card.

As Golfer has already said you should focus on another standard feature instead. Special Orders in the Req. worksheet get treated as you’ve seen where each PO has a 1to1 relationship.