Multiple simultaneous PO approvers

We need to be able to nominate 2 users as purchase order approvers and for either of those to be able to approve any purchase order.

Has anyone else come upon this requirement and found a way ? It doesnt appear to be possible in the the standard system. We have looked at the “Additional Approvers” functionality but it seems to be sequential only, where once the first approver has approved it, the order goes to the next approver for approval, i.e. a financial director.

We are looking to have more than one simultaneous approver where EITHER of the approvers can approve the orders and hence both the approvers can see the orders in the Approval Entries form.



That requires customization.

Thanks Matt. I dont suppose you have already done this, or know the best approach ?

I have not doe this previously. Off the top of my head, if I were to do it, I would setup a new table called Approval Group or something. The would contain a Group Code and a User ID.

You could also add an Approver Type field (Option) that is either Person or Group and set the Table Relation on the Approver ID field accordingly.

I would then modify all of the approvals code to look at the IDs of the people contained in that group if the type is set to Group, otherwise I would just execute the base code.

That’s just a 2 minute analysis, though.