Multiple Sessions of Req. Worksheet at once?

Hello: I’m hoping you all can help me. My company has been trying to install Navision Attain for almost 3 years. Many issues (including the req. worksheet) has prolonged our implementation. We are trying to get to the last leg and get this system implemented in the next few months. This past weekend we tried our first stress test and I noticed that we couldn’t run the req. worksheet simultaneously at different work stations (filtering on buyer codes). Would anyone here be able to confirm if Attain was written to allow simultaneous sessions of the requisition worksheet? Thanks in advance. Jerry

Yes Jerry, 3 years is pretty insane. I am guessing that you have a lot more issues than just Req. Work sheet, but lets look at that first. Yes the requisition work sheet is designed to be run in multiple instances, BUT, what are you actually trying to do, and what is stopping you? Are you getting locking messages? Maybe what you actually mean is “Carry Out Action Message”, or Calculate plan. Rather than just running the worksheet. Can you aslo give a little background. Do you have manufacturing, or are you just planning for purchases? lets hope we can help you get going live.

Hi Jerry, Try creating Req. Worksheet Template for each Location(Department) or Create different Batch Name in the same Worksheet template and select different batch name at each Location(Department). Eg:Create one Req.Worksheet name"Req.WkSheet", in that create Batch name"A", “B”, “C”, … etc. At Location A, select Batch name “A” At Location B, select Batch name “B” So on … This should allow you to run the Req. worksheet simultaneously. Regards, Srinivas Shetty

Hello David and Srinivas: Thank you both for your input. I’ll try to give you some background on the situation we are having with running multiple sessions of the Req. Worksheet at one time. Currently we are testing on a 3.7B database. We purchased the Manufacturing granule but we opted not to use it for our manufacturing. Instead we have opted to use an add on product called Job Manager. To the best of my knowledge all of our setups have been done through Job Manager - nothing through manufacturing. I currently have set up one Req. Worksheet batch and within that batch I have various names for all of the different buyers. I first noticed the issue when I was running a req. worksheet and someone else posted a job which pushes a “transfer” into the req worksheet (we have off site manufacturing). I then decided to test further by starting one session in batch name “Jerry” (running it against buyer code RAD) and then started another session in batch name “Tony” against buyer code TAM. The system ended up deadlocking after a few minutes. Yesterday I tried testing this further by testing in a DB w/out the Job Manager add on and ended up with the same situation. Later we tried testing our db again but this time we let the first batch run for a few minutes and then started the second batch. It appeared that they both ran OK, but when we started another batch we ran into the deadlock issue again. We are thinking that the deadlock may transpire if both worksheets try to write to the same table at the same time. This, of course, is just a hypothesis. If either of you have any additional information it’d be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Jerry, Are you running on SQL server? I know there are some deadlock issues in 3.70 when same transactions are running simultaneous.

Mark: You are correct. We are running on a SQL server. Jerry

Jerry, Deadlocks are very tricky to eliminate. There is a document about this from Microsoft. You should contact your Navision supplier and find a solution together with them. You can also test if this problem is solved in 4.0 and maybe use this solution in 3.70.

Jerry, please let me know if you find a solution because I am very interested.