Multiple Service Tiers


We have been installing different configurations of NAV 2009 within our own office.

On our dev platforms we have setup the system so we have 2 database servers port sharing and running off one middle tier.

Is it possible to install multiple service tiers on the same server.

As in one middle tier to one database, but over and over on the same server.

Apologies if this seems like a daft question but we are fine installing multiple database servers (as you’d expect) but we are struggling to install multiple middle tiers on the same server.

Can anybody share their experiences?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Adrian,

Can’t say i have any experience with this, but i did see something about this in the help-file found in the Documentation folder on the product DVD.
(Documentation → Install Guides → nav_install.chm)

A subject like this should be available:
Walkthrough: Accessing Multiple NAV Databases from a Single NAV Server Computer

Thanks for the reply. We have referenced this section of the help… We have the system accessing multiple NAV database from the single service tier.

But on the same server we want different service tiers accessing different databases.

Or to know if this is possible?


I understood your task as you wanted to have multiple service-tiers running on the same machine.
Which is what’s descriped in the section:
“Creating a Second Service”

Ok that is the one I followed so maybe I am causing confusion with myself? [:S]

Perhaps we can clear up what is installed in the Services.

So the first 2 are the goold old NAS.

  • Application Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic OURSERVER-CLASSIC

  • Application Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic OURSERVER-SQL

Next is the normal DB server for running the Classic Client - 2 tier Client/Server architecture

  • Database Server for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic OURSERVER

Next is the Web Service service which handles Web Service requests to NAV

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Web Services

Next is the default Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server for the 3 tier archtiecture. Basically this is the service controlling representing the Middle Tier.

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server

Next we have installed a second Dynamics NAV Server (middle tier) called NAV Server OURSERVER_DEV

The 2 dynamics NAV servers are pointing to 2 different databases. So really what I have set up is 2 middle tiers pointing to the 2 separate databases.

These are running using the Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service and are sharing port 7046.

We can connect to these 2 fine and have updated our config files accordingly.

So my next question is can these 2 run separate web service ports? We have tried this but can only connect to one of the databases over webservices or vice versa. We have got the web services working and interacting fine but only on one of these databases…

Hi Adrian,

Well as i started out by saying i haven’t any experience so far with this my self.
But i’ll try if i can get it to work back home in my “lab” over the weekend.
If i succeed i’ll of course let you know monday how i did.

Thanks very much…

Hi Adrian,

Sorry i didn’t respond yesterday as i promised.

I’m sorry to say i haven’t had any success so far.
Actually i didn’t have the time in the weekend after all, so i didn’t begin untill yesterday to set it up.

But i just wanted to ask you if you have tried to modify the CustomSettings.config file you’ll find in the Service-folder where the middle-tier is installed?

By default the server listens on port 7046, and the webservice on 7047.

If you edit the CustomSettings.config file of one of the services, you should be able to differentiate wich ports the 2 services use.

Here is a tool for it - (blog) post of me some months ago

--------------------------------------Hi all!

Based on freedy’s blog I modified his batch files and made a little user interface around it.

-NAV Service Tier Installer Console


So it should be still easy to install more than one service tier instance.

There are some restrictions about my tool like no support for delete the service which you can do with the original files of freedy’s blog.

Note: there is no (commercial) support for it and using it is for your own risk. But any feedback is welcome.

See the video below



Hi Rene,

I didn’t manage to get your console to work.
Maybe because i’m running it on a Vista-PC

But i did manage to make the proper connections, by modifying the port-numbers in the config-files.

Hi Alex,

I got some misconception on the Dynamics NAV WEB SERVICES. am trying to publish webservices from multiple databases, apparently with differenet server instances and port no.s .

I could publish my codeunits from the client but cannot verify its presence in my browser using the syntax :


but the same works for another DB.

I’ll be grateful if you can get me some tips on this.