Multiple sales order , single sales shipment document

Hey Guys,

Here is a simple customer req. :

  • the customer has multiple sales orders (same customer id)
  • When customer sends a truck we need to send whatever we have thus it may mean items from various orders
  • he wants to send a single shipment note with the truck

However , NAV creates as many Sales Shipments as many orders we are delivering. Could this be configured otherwise ?



You do not mention the details regarding what logistics are being used, but you could simply use the Get Source Documents function on the Warehouse Shipment? A single document could be printed based on that.

Yes , that thing, I tried .

But that is a single warehouse shipment and multiple sales shipment (as many as many orders i am warehouse shipping) .


Exactly. You use the warehouse shipment to consolidate multiple released sales orders into one truck or container shipment.

Thus the process is separated from the entering of the Sales Order, which seems to be necessary here.

Hi Guys,

I have the same situation, I know that you can handle multiple Sales Order in the Warehouse Shipment. But the Problem is the Report. The report will not show the Delivery Address unless I print it from the Posted Sales Shipment which will be individual per Sales Order.

Anyone have the same issue as this?



Where you want to display the Delivery Address ?

Hi Amol,

Thanks for the reply. I want the address to appear in the posted warehouse shipment document. I understand that i cannot do this because warehouse shipment can be from multiple sales order and multiple customer as long as the shipment is from the same warehouse. so i was wondering is it normal if we do a customization getting the delivery address fron the source document in the warehouse shipment line. get only the first line.



Hi Gabor,

We have the same question here and warehouse shipments are not the solution. Did you find a way to do it? Maybe an add-on?

I find strange that it doesn’t come standard in Navision while it is in most of the packets.