Multiple Production Environments - Consolidation and Inter Company.

In recent BC versions we have the ability to create multiple Production Environments, primarily to support operations in different countries with different country specific requirements.

Can anyone offer insights how consolidation setup and execution will be affected if we want do consolidate companies from Environment A, into a holding company in Environment B.

On that same line, what about Intercompany postings across Production environments?


In BC I have done this before with an Environment in US and one in GB. You run each separately and each month the customer of mine consolidated the GB Company into the US Consolidated Company. You setup the Business Units in the Consolidation Company with one = Company US and the other was Company GB. When Consolidating Company GB, in Company GB you will create a Business Unit GB there and each month, in the Business Card, click Actions/Functions/Export File. This will export the monthly consolidated GL information. In the Consolidation Company, we opened the Business Unit Card for Company GB and clicked Action/Import File.

Remember to setup the Consolidation Debit and Credit Account and Consolidation Translation Method for each Chart of Accounts. Make sure the Consolidation Company also has the currency setup for the other Company so it can be translated to the Consolidation Company LCY.

Hope this helps.