multiple price lists for items


Our company sells personal entertainment systems to hospitals. We sell on a project basis (ie a hospital needs 50 beds fitted with our entertainment systems) and we sell on a service basis (ie the hospital needs an additional part for a bed).

Our company has two prices for each item - one for projects, and one for services.

When we create a sales order we want to choose which price list (services or projects) is to be used for all items on that sales order.

Is this possible within NAV 2009? And if so, how?


You can have many concurently active Prices for the same Item, BUT the combination of parameters must be unique - there is no such a thing as Price List(s) in it’s classic appearance.

Navision uses very complex algorithm to choose price, in a word - it will always find the SMALLEST possible price with given Date, Customer, Customer Group, Qty to sell combination, will check if some of many Campaign prices can be applied etc etc. It is impossible to describe it in detail here, look at Sales Prices form (from ItemCard).

If you do not like the price that was selected automatically, use Functions / Get price… a form will open with all currently applicable prices.

But for your exact case there is a workaround, as you want ONLY TWO concurrent prices, as third (or more) is impossible to achieve this way, and you will NOT be able to name them Project & Service, simply enter 2 different ones, but I assume that Proj is always less than Service or vice versa.

So, do the following in ItemCard / Sales / Prices form:

  1. enter 1st line with: select SalesType=All Customers, select UoM, enter MinQty=0, enter UnitPrice, say, 1.11

  2. enter 2nd line with: select SalesType=All Customers, select UoM (the SAME as in 1st), enter MinQty=1, enter UnitPrice, say,2.22

The trick is, MinQty starts wit ZERO ! But don’t think you can fool the algorithm and add MinQty = 2 , price 3.33!
You will not be able to enter Qty=1 in SO and choose manually 3rd price - Navision will say Qty is less… For two it works, as you can not sell less than 1 piece.

But this is a very “dirty” solution - I wrote this and thought for a while - to publish it or not… well, it can be done in that way, but I still greyed out the “dirty” part… Use it at your own risk, if you wish…

Hi Modris, thanks for your response. We’ll look at your solution and see if that will satisfy our client. Again, thanks for your advice.