Multiple Locations during MRP run in Manufacturing

Hi, This is in regard to Navision Manufacturing Implementation at an auto component manufacturer. The raw material passes through 8 different stages at different locations on shop floor before it becomes a finished component. Item card is maintained for each WIP stage. Locations are attached to different WIP and Finished item card using SKU’s and ‘Component at Location’ on respective SKU card is defined. While calculating the MRP for a WIP item planning engine should deduct its inventory lying at all the locations than reflecting the net requirement. But it take into account the inventory lying only on one location attached on its SKU card. Even if more than one location are configured on the SKU card, inventory being lying at all those locations, planning engine doesn’t take into account inventory lying at all the locations. Any suggestions to resolve this in Navision ? Regards Samuel.

Hi Ashish The relationship between supply and demand is on the location in Navision. If the items are passing through eight different areas do these need to be different locations? Will not the workcentres and machine centres handle this. I know all this depends upon each comapnies individual requirement, but to get MRP to fulfill demand over all locations will require a modification, and then what do you want the system to do when you need one at location A and you have stock at location B - auto backflush where the stock exists? Ouch! Bet that is not an easy modification [:D] It is not only the planning that you need to consider but also the execution of the plan - so even if MRP does not tell you you need the stock, you still need to get the stock correct at all locations.

Hi Ashsih, Steven is right. Navision can not handle a Multiple Locations scenario like yours. And as he said: Do you need a separate Location for each stage of your manufaturing cycle? According to me, Only Machine Centers/Work Centers need to be configured. In an Auto-Component Industry also, I do not see a need for separate Locations for each Manufaturing stage.Pl. elaborate why you need to configure separate Locations. Navision would require a high degree of Modification if Locations are to be considered.How will you define your priorities in such cases? Regards, DD