Multiple item discount


I have several products within the same item range. To make it simple i will call them color “Black” and Color “red” within item range “X”

If a customer buys 1 pcs of item range X the price is 10. If a customer buys 10 pcs. then the price drops to 5

I know i can set a special price, if a minimum quantity is stated for a specific color.

I would like to trigger the special price if i sell 5 pcs of Black and 5 pcs of red. Thus triggering the price of 5.

I have created variations within the Item range x and made a Item discount group for item range x. But i can’t figure out how to get Navision to trigger the lower price by combining the 2 variations within the same item range.

Isn’t it possible to combine 2 lines/variations and trigger a discount ?

I know that there are similar post, but they are several years old.

We run Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central version 13.2

Thank in advance


Not the way you expect, meaning have 1 Sales Line of Black and 1 Sales Line of Red and then both lines show a 50% discount. The only way around this is to either create special combination Variants or just a blank Variant Discount for the Qty = 10+ and get 50% off and write the actual Colors in Description. If this is too cumbersome, then you could write an extension to accomplish this with your Partner.

Hope this helps.



HI Steve

Thanks for the answer. I was afraid this was the outcome . Strange this is isn’t a possbility in standard nav.

Again, thanks for the answer :slight_smile: