Multiple Invoices against single purchase order


How i can generate a multiple invoices against single purchase order ?

For example : I receive a first invoice of 3000 from vendor remaining amount i received on another day of amount 4000 total amount is 7000. i want to generate a first invoice as i received and second invoice on another day against same purchase order.

  1. You can invoice against the product receipt quantity (deselect the order product receipt in Match product reccipt…/hh209552.aspx))
  2. If you don’t to match the product receipt against invoice, post the invoice simply by reducing the quantity.

I have release order from purchase agreement on product value commitment of amount 50,000 pkr. I release order against vendor and enter purchase order line of amount 20,000 pkr with quantity 1 . I want to generate invoice of this amount and on another day i want to generate another amount of 30,000 pkr against same purchase order.
How i can generate ?

AX wants you to generate another call off, so another Purchase Order. This gives the supplier distinct records for the call off and relationship to the contract. Your PO is not the agreement number, it is a sub-section of this. You are ordering against the agreement, it does not have to be the same PO and will cause confusion if it is. I assume your invoice generation is fine, you just invoice the PO - assuming the vendor is not invoicing the agreement because they have no agreement/PO differentiation.