Multiple instances of SQL server on Navision

Hi all,

I had a query from my client that can we use multiple instances of SQL Server in Navision.?

(Actually they run multiple companies from different sites in the country)

What are the advantages and disadvantages of that…?

Will it solve performance issue.?

Any suggestion please…

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First of All Are they going to use different database for every country or single database with multiple companies ??

Thanks for your quick response :slight_smile:

They are using single DB with multiple companies.

Then you don’t require multiple instances of SQL Server as you are going to use single DB on Server

For performance issue you need to find out how many user going to logged in DB during peak time,Server configuration,IOPS of server,RAM ,Networks

Okay , thanks for the information.

I have checked that the indexes in DB are highly fragmented.

Rebuilding and reorganizing the indexes will help how much in performance…?

and one more thing they have a licence of around 100 user access at one time…how many users access will not affect the performance at one time…can you give me some idea…?

Are you using Classic client or RTC client ?

They are very old client sir.

They have NAV 2005 actually.


First of all try to run Optimization Utility from Navision which will rebuild indexes.

Sir, You mean i should run some maintenance plan in through SQL…?

Or something else…how to do it through navision…?

Go to File -->Database–> Information -->Tables–>Select all tables → Click on Optimize

P.S This will increase your SQL Log file .You need to shrink the log file

Okay , Thanks for the information sir.

I will try and then if i have any other query i will ask again :slight_smile:

Why shrink the log file? It’s just going to grow on you again. In fact expand it manually first.

On another note, do the index and statistics maintenance thru SQL. There you can schedule it to run periodically thru the SQL Agent.

when i run the Optimize job through Navision i noticed increment in Table size for a few tables

is it ok…?

Watch this:

sorry sir, but cant access this link i am in office right now… :frowning:

limited internet access.

Dear Daniel Rimmelzwaan

After i run the Optimize functionality from navision i found the increment in log from 6 GB to 39 GB

i.e. almost 33 GB increment

what should i do

Should i shrink it…?

Is there any bad effect of shrinking Log in SQL…?

Please suggest…

Just leave it. It will only grow again.

Hi ,

You need to shrink the log file or else it will increase your backup size .

That is not correct. The physical size of the log file (or the data files for that matter) have no bearing on the size of a full backup.