Multiple installations of Navision on same PC

Is it possible to have more than one installation of Navision on the same PC? I want to experiment with upgrading databases for different versions and thought it would be easier if both installs were on the same PC. TIA

Yes Select the new rather than upgrade and install it into different directories.

Thanks Steven, I was just concerned that each installation of Navision would install files in a shared location e.g Windows\System, and would then present problems between with the different versions installed.

Just the zup file I believe.

There will be problems if you are planning to use Navision to connect to Outlook and office programs. Different versions of Navision use different (specific) versions of dll’s to do this, and this is giving me a lot of problems.

Is use 7 different versions of navision (from 2.60 - 3.70), but I have installed only 3. I don’t use outlook integration. Last instalation associates files (fdb,flf,fob) and runs when using navision://client/run… hyperlinks. I never use shortcuts provided through start/program files. I make my own shortcuts to exe files (using create sct on desktop, not copying from start/program files) and always specifying ID parm in Target field in order to have separate zup files.

… for other versions I just copy client folder to program files and manually make shortcusts (exe & co. files usually found on CD under client/…/program files/…)

I do exactly as Robi says, the only difference being that I always use the setup program. If I need to install an older version, I afterwards run the setup for the latest version and do a “repair” in order to restore file associations, etc.

Hi, I would recommend, if your using Document Managment, that you unregister the file NSAppHandler.dll in the folder “Program Files\Common Files\Navision\Application Handler” and then rename this file NSAppHandlerxxxx.dll, where xxxx is version number. Then register this new file. Your new Navision client copies a new NSAppHandler.dll for your new Navision Client. Greetings, Johan