multiple filter using pipe in RTC, can we do it ?

In the Classic Client if I needed multiple filter values, I would use a pipe ( | ) to seperate my values. eg. ‘lookup’ 56|lookup 58|lookup 60|lookup 62’ So my filter would look like this 56|58|60|62 They seem to have taken this away in RTC. I can add in 58| but then I hit the ‘lookup’ and the filter list is blank. Why ? How do I add in multiple filters using the pipe in RTC when it was easily done in Classic ? Thanks

Can you be more clear…where are you trying it? in reports or pages?

both. It applies to both places.

Well that’s right.

You will need to manually put the filters in RTC.

Hi Craig,

You can apply multiple filter values, what you can do is lookup to attain each one.


you want to filter the item list by item1 and item2 and item3

in the item list of rtc you filter on No. field and then start typing item1, as you type the “lookup” happens and autofilters the result.

Now you add a pipe item1| start typing the next value item2. as you type there is now no auto filtering, but as you finish putting in the value, the autofiltering will suddenly find the value, and so on

so item1|item2|item3 will work, but you do not see that auto filtering on the second two values.

This isn’t the most ideal, because not all end users know what they want to type in and would prefer to select a value from a list. But this will have to do. thanks for the response, this will work. Even if they don’t know the second and third filter completely, they can put in a couple letters followed by and asterik and the RTC will pull it in.

Thanks !