Multiple customer A/R Statements for same customer

My company sells to one customer that has multiple locations (30+). The customer is set up as one customer with multiple locations. The customer has each location be responsible for authorizing payment of invoices for product received at that location. My A/R manager wants to issue statements to each location. My company does not want to list each location as a separate customer but rather invoice to the headquarters but list shipping locations separately. My question is, can Navision issue a separate statement at month-end to a customer based on shipping location? If not, can a mod be created to choose if I want to print separate statements based on shipping location? Thanks.

The standard Navision Report does not take into account shipping locations for the A/R statement report, but the report can customized in that way, depending on your specific needs adding an aditional level (dataitem) or agrupation (grouptotal) for the diferent locations. I suggest that you contact your NSC to design that report for you. Saludos Nils

Thank you for the quick turnaround!

We use the Parent-Child Relationship. Ex. Bed Bath & Beyond has 100 stores and 1 Main Office. Every store is a seperate account but all linked to the main office thru the Parent customer number. All get statements but when it’s time to pay the bills all we do is open the Main office account and all the invoices are ready to pay on one screen.

PS. in addition to help on reports/filters etc. we also created a Dimension called Customer Groups in which we linked all these stores together using a code called BBB for example.