Multiple Company Permissions Profiles

Hi there,

I am busy with a multi-company NAV2013 implementation. I need advice on two issues:

  1. Multiple profiles per company

A user can work in multiple companies with individual profiles.

Example: Company A - Profile AP Coordinator but in Company B the user will have the profile AR Administrator

  1. Permissions per AD Group

It would be easier to eliminate certain companies for example a user will have access to 50 companies out of 54 companies. Permissions will be used to restrict the user but it would be easier to eliminate 4 companies than to add 50 companies. It is not possible to add a formula in the field level e.g. <>Company A|Company M|CompanyZ

Have anyone came across similar requirements?

Many thanks,


a quick partial answer

is not what you expect to achieve. The correct filter syntax is:

<>Company A & <>Company B & <>Company Z

Thank you very much for your reply and this will work 100% for us. :slight_smile:

Hi, I have similar case. Can anyone tell me where I have to write that filters? I tried in Security Filter in table Permissions but it doesn’t work. User also see that excluded company…thank you in advance