Multiple AOS

Hi, Axapta 3.0. I read documentation about installing more than one AOS. I understand concept like Clustering and Load balancing and now I have a question. I have installed ad AOS Server with Application, Client, Server and I upgraded all three with SP4. The second AOS Server will be use the same Application. How I have to install only client and server or also application? I have to upgrade any components installed to SP4? Thank’s – Andrea Racca MCP - MS SQL Server 2000

Hi, Since the application is already upg. to SP4, for the second AOS server you only need to upgrade the server itself (run only the server sp4 kit). And, of course, all the clients that will use the second AOS should be upgraded to sp4. HTH, Ciprian

hi rusty. I have question to you to :slight_smile: where are you plan store your application files? On one of AOS server?

Yes Fred, I think to put application files on one of AOS server. Hi

Hi Andrea,

Im not 100% clear on your setup, I am presuming that you have 2 Seperate terminal servers (1 with App files & installed AOS Client ) and you want to bring the other one in? Presuming you have already clustered both physical servers sucht that they balance the network load?

The easiest way I can think of is to move the app files on to a DFS, giving full read / write access to the machine user which in this case is the AOS server, or alternitively if you don’t have a spare location for the server, share the app folder on 1st Terminal Server. Install ezactly the same setup on Terminal Server 2, but point the app files to your share on 1. This will mean that for the future you won’t have to maintain two sets of app files, however either way you look at this if your server 1 crashes you don’t have resiliance, unless you save apps to a sperate neutral location which would be a preffered choice.

Also you will need to create a clustered AOS profile.

Let me know if you want further help.