Multible company accounts on one COM connector

Hi I’m trying to port an Axapta 2.5 with Enterprise Portal to a Ax 3.0 SP3 but ran into a problem with the COM connector. In 2.5 it was possible to have the same COM connector running several Company Accounts with it’s own subdomain logging into the same Axapta: http:/mysrv/CAccoun1 http:/mysrv/CAccoun2 This doesn’t seems to be possible in 3.0… The COM connector just shows an error on the webpage: Microsoft Axapta Business Connector er tilsluttet et andet Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta-system og kan derfor ikke logges på det angivne Microsoft Axapta-system. (Translated from Danish): Microsoft Axapta Business Connector is connected to another Microsoft Business Solution-Axapta-System and can not log on to the specified Microsoft Axapta-system. Am I missing something or is this “by design”? How do I get one IIS running several company accounts? Thanks


Answer from Microsoft: Many things had happend in the structure of our Web application from 2.5 to 3.0. To answer your questions, I would like to describe it like this: For every Company you need to have 1 separate COM running. Normally 1 machine can only run 1 COM object in memory, but there are solutions:
- Win2003 Enterprise you have something called COM partisioning. You can run several COM objects in their own memory space.
- Another solution that is much easier. 1 IIS server per COM.
- Other partners have made a Com wrapper that works like COM partisioning
- Virtual servers: They act like separate machine.