Multi-State Pre-Tax Pay Controls

We have workers who perform in multiple states. In order to withhold state income tax appropriately, we enter earnings into the payroll journal with the appropriate state codes and the SIT (state inicome tax) withholding payroll controls activate based on that state code. However, we need to be able to allocate a pro-rata share of the pretax items such as health, dental, café and 401K withholdings from the wages for each by state in order for the taxable amounts for each SIT withholding to calculate properly.

Has anyone achieved this without creating 50 payroll controls for each pretax item using a split?




Being from Europe, I can’t answer your very specific NA localization question myself, but it is left unanswered for long time, so this my post will bump the thread back again.

Hoping some of your “fellow americans” (as your Presidents love to say [:D] ) will notice it now and give you some advice…