Multi Language Captions...on Navision Form

Dear friends, One of our client wants to see the navision object captions in Hindi, the Indian national language. As controls are concern by changing the font name property of the controls like text box,lable i am able to enter and view the required language.For this thing the system needs just a font file to be installed in font folder of the control panel. As windows 2000 and above OS are Hindi language enabled, means the editors can accept hindi font by enabling my keyboard layout into Hindi format. I do know by changing the Caption Multi language property of an object i can get what i need. But the problem starts here. As navision object property like field properties window where i can specify the CaptionML property is not accepting my hindi font.As it is not understanding what i am typing it is giving just question marks (simply like this - “???”) what ever i type. Is there any way to set-up font name property of the caption. What can i do to ovecome this problem? Is there any work around to overcome the same with the help of Navision Localization Workbech ? Regards, Raja sekhar Venumala

hi i hope u need to buy multi lanague gannule FLF

Dear Gandham Sridhar, I need technical solution to my problem not administrative solution. I have got licence to that granule…what u said Regards, Rajasekhar venumala

Hi to view in hindi, in the control panel → goto regional settings ->in general tab set 'hindi ’ as the your locale location → select ‘indic’ as the language setting for the system → in Input locales tab add hindi as the input locale → restart the system after you restart the system you can find the Inputlocale indicator on the task bar. open Navision select the desired form goto caption ml prop and type in hindi the above is given with windows2000 and fromattain 3.xx inview. cheers mk

Dear MK, I have done all the steps what you have told.The problem in this procedure is the Navision Properties page where we will define CaptionML property to the control is not accepting Hindi script(though i enabled my keyboard layout and regional settings to Hindi). What ever you type in the navision CaptionML property it is printing only question marks i.e. “???”(ENU=Name;HIN=???).But, at the same point of time other applications like word,notepad excel are accepting Hinid script Have you done this in any of your projects? .If so let me get detailed procedure from you ? If u have any screenshots of Hindi captions try to keep them for my reference. Regards, Rajasekhar Venumala

As Navision isn’t Unicode software it will not accept Hindi as other software does. If u use Windows XP then in Control Panel => Regional Settings => somewhere you can specify default language for non-unicode softwares. Select Hindi. I don’t know solution for Win2000 cause it works fine by default for me. Maybe try to google.

Hi Raja i have done it for kroean translation but not for hindi, and i remember it has got something to do with the codepages and unicode for hindi. you do a search on MicroSoft site for multilanguge in hindi. if i get any clues i will post it here cheers kumar

Dear MK, I have gone through the msn and foung that Hindi and all Idian Languages doesn’t have Code pages in Windows 2000 and XP OS. They solely supported in windows 2000 and XP through Unicode only. As Navision doesn’t supports Unicode We can’t write the captiong in Hindi at this point i think…If u get anything let me know at the earliest. Regards, Rajasekhar Venumala