Multi Company question


We manage several companies in NAV. There are tasks that we want to perform every day but we are unaware of in what companies we need to perform them. So let’s make an easy example, we want to cycle through the companies check for where we need to do depreciation. But since there are so many companies, going through them manually takes too long (and there are also more than one task of course). Is there a way to 1) build say a PowerShell script to run the depreciation job so you get rows in the journal for each company and then 2) report this in some consolidated view that says that companies 1, 3 and 205 have depreciation rows in the journals that need to be booked?

Sorry I’m not a coder but I thought I’d ask it in the coders part of the Community. Thanks for your help!

Ah come on guys… Seriously? Nobody else has ever faced a similar problem? Let me ask this question then, could you use PowerShell to check if you needed to make depreciation for a building or say if you need send out a reminder regarding an invoice?

An idea could be to expose a codeunit which run depreciation job and a page for journal line as web services.

With another page you can retrieve data from all the companies using WS and show in a unique screen all the data.

Thanks Daniele for your reply. I see that you have suggested a solution to my problem and that’s great. I will discuss that with our partner. I was also interested in what PowerShell is and how it is used with NAV.

Ask your partner about the Job Queue, which is standard functionality in NAV to schedule jobs.

Hey, that seemed like the functionality I was after, thanks!