Multi-Caption for Custom Fields

I am process of applying FRC (French Canadian) to a 3.70 / 4.0 database and was wondering if there is a way to identify any fields/objects that still need to be updated with FRC. For Example and new fields, tables or form fields that have been added that only have ENU and or ENC captions. I was hoping someone might have done something like this and could offer some easier method than manually reviewing each object. Thanks!

That’s a great idea for a tool! [8D] In fact, I belive a such actually exists. You should try and look into the Translation Toolkit. (You should be able to download that from partner source. In the object designer, try to do a Tools → Translate → Export. You will then get a text-file that contains all the text you currently have. You can now edit/add a line for whatever you still need - Not super easy, but it works. - As I said I belive that the Translation Toolkit eases the process somewhat… Good luck. /Henrik