MTO incorrect?

Hi, all! I have a problem: ‘1’ is the end product for which the BOM is ‘21’ ,‘22’. ‘21’ is the product for which the BOM is ‘31’. ‘1’ prodused from components from warehause C and posting in warehause D. 21 prodused from components from warehause A and posting in warehause B.(stockkeeping units for all products - is adjust ) After MRP planning - manuf.order for product ‘1’ have string for ‘21’ product, but posting warehause for ‘21’ product - C. this incorrect! Correct - posting warehause for 21 product - B and generate movement product ‘21’ from B in C. How to show this process thru MBS 3.6.

Hi Alex Could you clarify the statement


‘1’ prodused from components from warehause C and posting in warehause D.

Also I know we have talked previously on the forum regarding SKU’s and the planning ignoring the SKU settings and reverting to the original master record for the item, so you may want to check this. I cannot clearly follow you logic through, but if you could just explain this a little clearer it would be helpful.

Ok, Steven! Im sorry “location code” in prod.order for components(‘21’&‘22’) for product ‘1’ is C. “Location code” for end product ‘1’ is D. and so on.

Hi Alex Nowhere on the production BOM for 1 defining 21 and 22 as components can you define a component location. Therefore if the requirement is on Warehouse E production will be planned on E and the components will be taken from E. You can manually alter this on the production order by bringing the location field forward, but this is copied from the production header as standard. I maybe misunderstanding you, are you saying you have set it up this way or you want to set it up this way?

Hi Steven ‘Item_01’ is the end product for which the BOM consists of ‘Item_21’ and ‘Item_22’. ‘Item_21’ is the product for which the BOM consists of ‘Item_31’. ‘Item_01’ is prodused from components taken from warehause C and output should be posted to warehause D. “Item_21” is prodused from components taken from warehause A and output should be posted to warehause B.(Stockkeeping units for all products have been adjusted ) After MRP planning procedure has executed system generates following result: Manufacturing order for product ‘Item_01’ has string for product ‘Item_21’, and “Item_21” output is posted to warehause C. This is incorrect! The correct transaction is following: Warehause for posting product “Item_21” is B. At the same time it should be generated movement of product ‘Item_21’ from warehouse B to C. I do not know how to enter (put) warehouse B for product “Item_21” output automatically(no manually) in Attain 3.60

Hi Alex There is no location stipulator like this in Navision. You cannot say I want to make Product 01 at C but take the components from D they will be taken from C As I see what you have said Item 01 - Location D …Item 21 - Location C/Location B …Item 31 - Location A …Item 22 - Location C Your demand for Item 01 must be on Location C not Location D this will generate a requirement for component 21 at C where it will post the output to and try and remove Item 31 from. The component location in Navision is always, as standard, the location of the parent. Therefore you cannot as standard hold stock in different locations that are required for parents at another without performing a movement. Am I confusing you further - because I think you are confusing me further!!! [:D] If this does not help please define your BOM as I have above and then detail the demand loaded and what you expect.

Hi Steven I have said Item 01 - take components from location C/ output end prod. for post Location D …Item 21 - take components from location A/output prod. for post Location B …Item 31 - Location A …Item 22 - Location C After MPS planning prod.order: Item 1 Location for output D …Item 21 Location for output C(incorrect) I want : After MPS planning prod.order: Item 1 Location for output D …Item 21 Location for output B and after MRP planning system generate movement Item 21 from B to C(for to take part in produse Item 1)

Hi Alex Can you explain how you have set the items and produciton BOM’s up and where the demand is to get the scenario you describe as:


After MPS planning prod.order: Item 1 Location for output D …Item 21 Location for output C(incorrect)

I do not see the demand on location C for item 21, I would expect it to be on D as the demand for Item 1 is on D therefore the need for the components will be as well [xx(]

I make Stockkeeping units for each products(Item 1,22,21 and 31) for Item1 1. Stockkeeping unit D: location for component C; location for end product D for Item 21 1. Stockkeeping units B: location for component A; location for end product B; manufactural order, method MTO, order 2. Stockkeeping units C: movement order, method MTO, order; movement from location B so on for Item 22 and 31 after that I make calculate MPS and generate production order for item 1 and make “Refresh” production order result: Item 1 D …Item 21 C

Hi Alex And how do you tell the system that for Item 21 if it is a component it should be at location A and the output should be at location B. All you are doing with the SKU is setting it up for use at location A and B, and the parameters for its use - not differentiating between component use and end item production. I am presuming that when you say Item 1 has Stockkeeping unit D: location for component C and location for end product D you mean you have set up two SKU’s for itme 1 at location C and D?

Hi Alex I think the mists maybe clearing for me. Let me just try and set something up. I will let you know how I get on.[:D]

Hi Steven I have 1 SKU for Item 1 for warehause D: Location components for produse Item 1(‘Components at Location’ in SKU in system) - C; Location for end product Item 1(‘Location Code’ in SKU ‘General’ in system) - D[:)]

Hi Alex Well you learn something new each day as they say [:D] Did not even know that components at location field existed on the SKU [:I] My product structure was as follows: Item 1 (Production) …Item 21 (Production) - 2 off …Item 31 (Purchase) - 1 off …Item 22 (Purchase) - 2 off I then set up hte SKU records in the following manner ITEM 1 - Location D - Components at Location C - Prod order - MTO ITEM 21 - Location C - Components blank - Transfer Requisition system - Trasfer from Location B ITEM21 - Location B - Components at Location A - Prod order - MTO ITEM 22 - Location C - Purchased ITEM 31 - Locaition A - Purchased I had no stock anywhere I loaded a sales order for 10 of Item 1 at Location D The following results were suggested; Production Order for 10 off Item 1 at Location D Transfer order for 20 off Item 21 at location C from Location B Production order for 20 off item 21 at location B (Component item 31 to be taken from A) This all seems pretty logical to me. The components of the production order for Item1 at D are consumed form location C but are made at Location B and transferred to location C. Does this answer your question [?]

Hi Steven that’s right. but I do not want create separate production order for Item 21 because for Item 1 I have 7000 such components[:)]. That’s why I make (after MPS) production order for Item 1 and make function ‘refresh’ of this order. The result is multistring manufacturing order with item string for Item 21. This string (for Item 21) has location code C. But I need B (movement/transfer of Item 21 from B to C is occurred automatically after next MRP planning procedure) How to realize it in Navision 3.60 automatically?

Hi Alex I am afraid I still do not fully understand you [:(!] Are you saying that you do not want to make Item 21 - you just want to move the components from the location? Are you saying Item 21 is in fact never made - it is a phantom part and in reality Item 31 is item 21 and you need to set the transfer up so this goes into Item 1? I am just not sure what you are trying to achieve and why.

Hi Steven I just need make Item 21 end output this Item 21 at warehause B. and I need make Item 1 end output this Item 1 at warehause D. But production order has been 1(one - multistring): Item 1 Loc. output D …Item 21 Loc. output B after … make generate(MRP) transfer\movement for Item 21 from B to C for produse Item 1.

Hi Alex There is no way as standard you can get the system to do what you are asking. If I understand correctly you want the demand at location D to produce ONE production order that is made for Item 1 reporting produciton at location D and on the same order an output for Item 21 at location B consuming the components independently at the correct location and suggesting a transfer journal for the component movement from C to B for item 21. I do not think this can be accomplished without a lot of modification to the system.