MSXML04 patch has disabled 3.60 service.

Hi, We currently have a client whom we are implementing 3.60 for. Last night Microsoft issued server patch MSXML04, which disabled the service. The service will not now restart and neither replacing SP4 with SP3, or re-installing the service makes a difference. Does anyone know any ‘cunning plans’ to fix/address this? AdvManyThanksance

Ed, This patch MSXML04 - is this for Windows NT or 2000 server? [?] Have you tried searching TechNet for further information? Have you tried uninstalling the patch (MSXML04)?

Ed, I think I may have misuderstood your post. Do you mean MBS have released a Navision server patch?

Navision currently uses XML 3.0. I knew that there was an XML 4.0 that had a lot more functions but as far as I remember you had to install it separately and carefully not to overwrite the XML 3.0. Are you sure it was a patch and not a bad install of the new version? Cristi

Hi, The patch is for Windows server, not Navision. The service pack was backed out, but it made no difference. We will check out TechNet to see what it has to say. Last time I spoke to our consultant with the customer, they had scrapped & re-installed the operating system, and uninstalled & re-installed the Attain service, but it still did not make a difference. Cheers

Ed, I have tried searching TechNet for the service pack number you spoke about, but couldn’t find anything. It sounds like a nasty call to Microsoft is in order! Maybe it’s modify some sort of BIOS settings, but how?!?!?!? Best bet - pack the computer up and take it back to the place you got it from and get a refund! [:0] Or call the samaritans! [:D] (Private joke!) Seriously, I would seek help from Microsoft.