MSINET and Custom controls

Does anyone know how to install / debug the use of custom controls under NAS? Our solution provider (now divorced!) wrote a code unit to FTP some files running under NAS, but it hangs now I have registered the OCX. I ran regsvr32 “c:\program files\msinet.ocx” & restarted nas, but instead of not working, it hangs NAS. I believe that msvbvm50.dll is registered correctly, but is there anything else that needs doing, or is there the possibility of a bug which only manifests itself now that the ocx control is running.

Update: I found this article;en-us;182152 which says StillExecuting returns 1 rather than correctly -1. Any suggestions ? I think it gets stuck in this loop: REPEAT IF GUIALLOWED THEN BEGIN Window.UPDATE(2,ResponseCode()); Window.UPDATE(3,ResponseInfo()); END; SLEEP(444); FOR Loop := 1 TO 444 DO Current := TIME; IF GUIALLOWED THEN Window.UPDATE(1,Current); UNTIL NOT StillExecuting();