MSDN Licence

Hello :slight_smile:

i’m learning Microsoft Courses : C/SIDE Solution Development

They ask me to edit standard object but i can’t edit them. I suppose it’s because i’m in MSDN Licence ?

How can i do to make these exercices ?

Thanks in advance :wink:

With the MSDN license, you can create new objects (tables, forms, reports, and so on) in the object range from 123,456,700 through 123,456,799. It is not possible to edit the standard Microsoft Dynamics NAV objects or the objects dedicated to customer solutions

Yes i know that but it’s illogicial that Microsoft Courses asks to do impossible things in the exercices …

How can i do ?

May be the Course is for Partners and you must have a Partner License with you.(Not sure)

“This course is intended for a partner that sells and implements the C/SIDE Solution Development module to customers. The typical partner has an ERP background.”

It’s ok problem solved. My trainer give me the licence and it works :slight_smile: