MSCRM 2011 and the "mystery" maintenance service

I bumped into this after helping a Microsoft Partner diagnose some SQL failures/blocking in a recently-upgraded MSCRM environment. The customer is starting to upgrade from MSCRM v4 to MSCRM 2011 and just upgraded their user-acceptance test (UAT) environment, which has approximately 60GB of data.

I have confirmed that the installation process for MSCRM 2011 creates and activates the Windows service “Microsoft Dynamics CRM Asynchronous Processing Service (maintenance)”. It is this service that I am seeking to understand. I have not been able to find any documentation on the functional scope of the service, how to configure/control its actions, and any risks of disabling the service.

The service is doing DBA-related tasks against the database at inappropriate times. For example, the service invoke the stored procedure dbo.p_ReindexAll. This caused a series of Rebuild Index events, which caused blocking.

Does anyone have any insights about this service?

I will update this posting as I learn more.

An update. We have since learned more about the service, but it does not explain why it is not documented or why one has to revert to an open-source UI to maintain the service.