MS word automation(header and footer)

Hi, can anyone help me with word automation? i’m a beginner in this and i don’t know how can i write to an header or a footer in word document through Navision. thanks,

As my working day is over I can suggest you to have a look at Codeunit 5054 WordManagement. Also search the forum [;)]

Hi, if you use the Bookmark Object instead the Field Objekt you have access to the Bookmarks in the Header and Footer. An other way is to change the View with following Code: wdApp.ActiveWindow.View.SeekView := 9; //wdSeekCurrentPageHeader Constant It´s the same as you click in Word on the Header

Susana, Take a look at the codeunit mentioned by Arthur, but also find the Microsoft Word DOM - this document shows all the objects within Word and their properties and methods. Try searching MSDN. Good luck. [:)]

[:)] Tank you, it works with mergefields You’re a great help. PS: The codeunit wordmanagement didn’t help me. I have to print a master detail tables and with the mergefile i didn’t Know how.