MS Navision DB Error


MS Navision 5.

SQL Native

while doing backup error message appeared.

thanks in advance.

First - I hope you do backups regularly?

This msg means exactly what it says - it can be everything in between minor problem and unrecoverable database. If seriously damaged, there are NO tools to recover Native db, have never been.

You can cross your fingers and follow the instructions, there is nothing more to add, no secret tools under the desk, sorry…

Keep your latest good backup close, that might be your last resort - but NOT on the same hardware!! - maybe there are problems with HDD subsystem, Native db crashes rarely by itself, more likely it is caused by hardware failures.

thank you for the quick reply.

i do regular backup.

but the problem was i forward this error to our nav provider and it takes a long time for them to reply to my ticket issue, they told me to restore from a clean backup. the clean back was a month ago. i assume that from start of the error all the backup from that date is all bad backup file. is there way to restore from clean backup a month ago and your still restore all transactions?

thank you.

You mean this err started to appear a month ago?

WHY then you DID NOT follow the instructions in that message, when you still had relatively fresh “clean” backup on hand??

I said already - those backups now might be OK and might be unusable, God only knows, but you have had a MONTH to check - by trying to restore on some other hardware and run the Native db tests - msg said how to do that, can’t cite them here, as I don’t use Native some 5 years at least, maybe more…

Regarding this one

The backup contains the data up to moment it was made, everything after that must be REENTERED MANUALLY - you can not take a “good piece” of later created and partially damaged backup - to be precise, not the backup is damaged, but the database itself.

The DB is not like a large consecutive roll of paper, where new info is added at the end, data are physically scattered all over the file, parts are reused over and over again for temporary needs and transaction logs.Like a female can’t be “partially pregnant”, she either IS or she IS NOT, such file can’t be “partially good”, there are only two states OK or BAD.

i should check for hardware issue, try to restore current backup and test the db. thanks for the reply sir.

native sql db is what were using on our store branches

store branches = 1 store : 1 PC

is it not advisable to use native?