MS Dynamics Navision 5.0 Integration with the Smart HR system

Hello I actually want to ask if anyone here can help me on the basic steps and procedure on the integration of the MS Dynamics Navision 5.0 to Smart Human Resource System

hi Michael,

I’m not quite sure which HR system you’re talking about. But if it’s the HR system from Smart Systems, then this system is either based upon MS Access or MySQL. Neither integrates directly to Navision.

So you need to figure out which other integration options you have from this system. If it integration is based upon “flat” files, then you need to build dataports in Navision supporting this.

Hi Erik

Yes its the Smart HR system that what i am referring too. my concern is there any user manual on the integration of the MS Dyn. Nav. 5.0 to the Dynamic Payroll and Dynamic Payroll to Smart HR that can be downloadable or you guys has a experience on integrating this Systems.

Best Regards