MS Dynamics NAV Training in hyderabad or Bangalore

Kindly Help with Links or Contact information for MS Dynamics NAV Training in Hyderabad or bangalore ,


I think you will find it very hard to find good training in these locations. I spent a lot of time to try to set-up training in Bangalore, and there was virtually no interest what so ever. hmmm… let me define “No Interest What So Ever”

basically I got a lot of people and NAV partners that were very interested in training, but unfortunatley the definition mean’t

  1. Classes should be free.
  2. It should take no more than 3 days to take someone from fresh out of university to a fully billable proffessional NAV developer.
  3. The only requirement from the training is that the student must get certifications that can prove that they are fully trained and certified.

So as you can imagine, I really am losing interest. (I don’t say I have given up, but I am definitely getting very depressed with the feedback I am getting). Even when I offered to do a 2 day introduction to NAV course FOR FREE there was virtually no interest form students, though there was a good reaction form NSCs, PROVIDED the course was ont he weekend and did not detract from billable time. Thus you can imagine that there is no real drive for anyone to set up a high end training class.

Good luck.

Dear David ,

Now Currently there is lot of awareness regarding MS NAV / Dya/ Axa . But the public do not find proper training n support . Hence i feel if u can give Trainging session , that could help Lot to many .


I would love to believe that something has changed inthe past few months. S can I ak you some questions:

  1. What level of training are you after?
  2. What do you expect to get at the end of the training?
  3. How much do you think is a reasonable price to charge for training?
  4. How long are you willing ot go to training (days)?


I am a freelance ERP SAP B1 consultant and I am beginning to venture into MS Dynamics. I have also had a very tough time in finding quality training institutes that impart training that proved value for the money. I am not too particular about being certified in dynamics, but that would be a bonus. What I need is the practical aspects of the product and how it will be benefitial in my implementations.

Spending ~Rs.80,000/- on the complete course is not VFM at all, IMHO.

  1. What level of training are you after? Something that can used straightaway in the practical world that would be useful for experienced implementors.
  2. What do you expect to get at the end of the training? Practical knowledge in how the product works and its various “workarounds”.
  3. How much do you think is a reasonable price to charge for training? Something in the range of Rs.20,000/- - Rs.30,000/-
  4. How long are you willing ot go to training (days)? 2-3 weeks.

The reason u find most people wanting to be work-ready at the end of training is because there is no concept of internships at the end of their graduation course. Therefore, most often, they r not ready for work. This training is over and above their graduation, and costs a lot too. Additionally, getting a fresher job is very difficult and most companies prefer people who are “experts” in their field, or who have the required experience already. Becoming an “expert” is the option then.

Just my thoughts.


I know this is an old one, but I really got me a great laugh when I saw this one! [:D]

Hi All,

Enterprise Business Technologies is Navision Gold certified Partner.They are giving training in hyderabad,Bangalore,Pune and Mumbai.They are having very well qualified staff and very experienced resources.For the training in Microsoft Dynamics Nav/Ax i suggest them. is their site and for the furuther discussions u can contact Mr.Vinay Ayer 022-67257331.


Mouli Kaku

Can you arrange any training sessions in Pune?

Plz let me know any information regarding this.

I have done 2 certifications in NAV and now wishing to have in Finance but being from science background, its hard to digest comeerce terms and terms related to finanace.

Plz let me know any inforamation regarding finance training seesions.

As you had conducted courses in Banglore and Hydrabad, can you give a training to people from Pune?

Harshad Shastri

I know about one QSIT which provide training in several cities of India.

Thanks Prajwal for your input, but we do have to live ini the real world. What you suggst would mean having about 30 people in a class and no one will learn very much with that many people. Ideally high en training shoudl be limited to 7 per class, so what you suggest can be only applied to the most basic training.

But that is only the begining of it. The core issue is that there is no way that anyone can be ready to be billable in NAV after a 3 week course. Even if the training was one on one. Unfortunately companies today are unwilling for various reasons to inest in training, and simply expect their employees to read the PDFs and get billing.

This is the core reason that Off Shore Navision development is falling apart. its actually more expensive to pay $25 per hour for an offshore developer than to pay $250 for a high end developer. The $25 per hour people can only give you ABCD answers.

More here :

Can u give Ms- Navision training centre in bangolore at earliest.




I was a Nav consultant for 3 years, Nw i m working in different domain, bt doesnt want to loss knowledge, If somebody is interested in knowledge sharing, get back to me at 9449078450


I am Raja from Chennai. I am interested in your offer for knowledge sharing.

I am trying to learn NAV 2009 on my own.

I have installed the demo version and going through the guides and help system.

I will get in touch with you for any doubt, help or clarifications.

Thank you


Hi, I am planning to pursue (at least) initially to learn and understand MS dynamics (help to understand and articulate how to set up and use the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Application Setup, Finance, and Business Intelligence).

Request you to please forward me any materials and links on

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yaa i want… i m at mumbai … will call u on sunday

I am based in mumbai.Is there any one who can provide training on Navision.please mail me or call 9702403366.I need training in nav.


We are looking for a Account officer NAV administration expertise at Bangalore

could you please refer someone ?

Hi, looking for an accounts officer with NAV administration expertise at bangalore,

please refer someone you know…

Hi kumar,

I know one person but he is not from Bangalore let me know what help do you need,