MS Dynamics NAV 5.0 Application Server in a MS Cluster

Hello ALL,

I am new in this forum and I have a simple question.

Is there a “How to do” description to install the Application Server of MS Dynamics NAV 5.0 in a Microsoft Cluster?

(Windows 2003 SR2 + MS SQL 2005 SP2).



NAS don’t have clustering support. What are you trying to achieve?

I would just like to understand, how it works.

Is it possible to put NAS in a cluster?

Is it also a proper idea to do this to get better availability?

I mean, my MS SQL 2005 is running in a Cluster.

Why not to use the Cluster to install also the NAV Appl. Server?

Are there other better solutions for NAV Appl. Server?



You can install NAS on a cluster node, but it is not cluster-aware. Any fail-over would need to be handled manually.